Latest South Dakota Photo Quiz

For both a little enjoyment and to help hone a few identification skills at the same time, on the cover of South Dakota Bird Notes you will find a Bird Identification Quiz photo. The rules are simple. Any species used in a SD Bird Notes Quiz will:
  1. Be a bird found in South Dakota,
  2. Include the date that the photo was taken, as well as the location,
  3. Have at least one definitive, identifiable field mark present, though you may have to look closely.
While the bird featured in the photograph may be difficult to identify, the photo will show at least one identifiable field mark on the bird. If a reader has a bird photograph suitable for the quiz (using the guidelines noted above), please submit it for a future quiz.
The first person to correctly identify the species will receive a small gift. All correct identifications will be credited in the following issue of SD Bird Notes. No current quiz available. Check out the older ones for some fun.
Send your answer to Nancy Drilling