SDOU Archives

South Dakota Ornithologists' Union Records, 1924-
2.0 Cu. Ft., 20040 The SDOU records contain legal documents, correspondence, and meeting minutes. Additional sub-collections of this organization’s papers, often representing the personal papers of important members, are described below.

South Dakota Bird Notes Collection Newsletter
n.d. 1 Box, 20040.001 This collection is an archival set of South Dakota Bird Notes, the quarterly publication of the SDOU. It includes six bound volumes covering the first 50 years of SDOU, Jun 1949 to Dec 2000. In addition, loose copies of issues from 2004-present are included. New issues are added as they are printed. Access copies of this publication are available in the Krause Library at the Center for Western Studies.

John D. Donahoe Collection Records
n.d. 1 Small Box, 20040.002 This small collection contains four bird-watching record books with dates of: 1887-Nov 2, 1951; April 4, 1931-Nov 5, 1946; 1946-1948; and Feb 5, 1949-Apr 1, 1954. Narrations offer insight into weather, location, family doings and life in general in addition to bird watching.

Nat Whitney Papers Records
n.d. 1 Box, 20040.003 Dr. Nat Whitney was a busy physician in Rapid City and an avid 'birder' in the Black Hills. His files reveal his dedication to this avocation during active years in the practice of medicine. Bird banding was a special interest and hobby.

June Harter/Dan Tallman Files Records
n.d. 3 Boxes, 20040.004 The files of these two active SDOU members contain broad-based projects they completed, including a "Home Study in Bird Biology," breeding bird surveys, personal bird notes, photographs and slides, and important correspondence with noted South Dakota Ornithology Union officers and members.

Johnson, James W. Papers Records
n.d. 3 Boxes, 20040.005 Collections from James Johnson provide a broad look at activities and productivity from another of many South Dakota birders. He held several positions in the South Dakota Ornithologists’ Union and other related organizations during his active years and his papers provide evidence of endless involvement and success.

Baylor, L.M. Papers Records
n.d. 1 Box, 20040.006 The South Dakota Ornithologists' Union, founded in 1949, has been sustained by an active list of birdwatchers, not the least being L. M. "Les" Baylor. These papers came from his personal files.

Harris, Bruce K. Papers Records
n.d. 2 Boxes, 20040.007 The Bruce K. Harris Papers consist of two boxes of birding and South Dakota Ornithologists' Union records 1930-1990. Bruce was a District Game Manager who lived in NE South Dakota and records cover that area in particular depth. He also conducted “Dakota Bird Tours.”

Sighting Reports Records
n.d. 4 Boxes, 20040.008 This series in the SDOU collections is intended for individual members' sighting reports as gathered by the SDOU for larger compilations. Typically, this data is used to create the season reports.

Season Reports Records
n.d. 3 Boxes, 20040.009 Season reports are regularly compiled based on individual members' sighting reports. This work is typically done by an SDOU member. Originally paper reports, they have given way to digital reports available at SDOU's web-site. Season reports were used in the publication of SDOU's Birds of South Dakota and continue to be used in the irregular updating of that work.

Bird Slides
n.d. 1 Box, 20040.010 These slides represent bird image collections from Dr. L. J. Moriarity of Watertown and Mr. Bob Whyte from Pierre.