Scholarships & Grants

Nathaniel R. Whitney Jr. Memorial Research Grant Program - $1,000
  • Application deadline: 4/1/2024    Awarded by: 5/30/2024

    The Nathaniel R. Whitney, Jr. Memorial Research Grant Program is administered by the South Dakota Ornithologists' Union (SDOU). Grants may be awarded to qualified graduate and upper division (junior or senior year) students majoring in ornithology, avian ecology, avian wildlife management, or an appropriately-related scientific discipline at an accredited college or university in South Dakota offering 4-year degrees in ornithology or related fields. Whitney research grants may also be awarded to other ornithologically or scientifically-qualified individuals, including amateur ornithologists. Whitney Small Grants are payable up to $1,000.
    SDOU invites applications for the 2024 summer field season. The deadline for applications is 1 April 2024. The winner will be notified by 20 April 2024. The application process is as follows:
    The application must include:
    1. The applicant’s name, address, telephone number, and information about the applicant's background and
    qualifications for doing the research.
    2. A statement of the purpose(s) and objective(s) of the research project, the methods, techniques (including any
    analytical techniques that may be used), and materials needed for the project.
    3. A statement of the amount of funding requested and the specific use of the funds in the project.
    4. The applicant's assurance that the grant will be used solely and specifically for the designated research project.
    5. The applicant’s assurance the results of the research will be presented at a paper session at SDOU Fall Meeting or
    in an acceptable article to be published in South Dakota Bird Notes or in a major ornithological or related scientific
    journal, within three years of the research.
    Other requirements:
    1. The application should be no longer than three typed pages.
    2. The applicant must arrange for two individuals to send letters of recommendation directly to the SDOU Whitney
    Small Grants Committee Chairman. The letter of recommendation should include an appraisal of the applicant’s
    personal qualities and qualifications for pursuing the proposed research. The letter should indicate the significance
    of the proposed research for the advancement of knowledge about the birds of South Dakota.
    3. Applications and letters of recommendation may be sent by e-mail to the committee chairman: Todd Jensen, or in triplicate by mail to: Todd Jensen 920 S. Holt Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57103
    Successful applicants will receive a check for the grant's authorized amount from the SDOU treasurer on or before
    30 May 2024.
David J. Holden Scholarship Fund - $500
  • This scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate student attending South Dakota State University, majoring in natural or biological science, with an interest in the environment. Application is through the Department of Natural Sciences at SDSU.
Mary E. Baylor Memorial Scholarship - $1,500
  • Application deadline: 4/15/2024    Awarded by: 9/1/2024
    1. The scholarship will be restricted to an undergraduate student in his/her junior year at a South Dakota college or university.
    2. The student must be pursuing a major in biology with particular interest, in order of priority, in ornithology, ecology, wildlife management, biological education, medical practice, or medical research. 
    3. The scholarship award must be utilized as tuition during the student’s senior academic year. 
    4. The student should have a high academic grade-point average and demonstrate a strong interest in one of the major areas of study mentioned above. 
    5. The department or appropriate departmental committee or major professor will select a worthy nominee, using the guidelines mentioned above. 
    6. The department will submit the nomination with the following supporting information: the nominee’s major area of study, his/her academic and personal worthiness, probable date for completion of academic degree, permanent residence address, temporary school address and e-mail address. 
    7. The nominating letter should be signed by the department head and the nominating professor or advisor. If the department head is the nominee’s professor or advisor, the second signature should be another senior professor in the department. 
    8. Nominations must be received no later than the deadline date. The scholarship winner will be notified within a month. A check will be mailed after the start of the academic year to the winning student.
Mary E. Baylor Endowment Fund - $0
  • The purpose of the Mary E. Baylor Endowment Fund is to encourage and enhance research, scholarship, and educational projects and programs within SDOU. The annual distribution is divided into various internal awards and grants.
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