South Dakota Rare Bird Records

Documentation of rare birds, including those new to the state, is requested to help us establish a repository of evidence for the future. The RBRC maintains a review list of rare and vagrant birds for which reports are solicited. These review species are marked as Casual, Accidental or Hypothetical on the official Checklist of South Dakota Birds. Of course, any bird observed in South Dakota that is not listed on the official Checklist of South Dakota Birds also requires a rare bird report, as do birds that are substantially out of range (e.g., Yellow-throated Vireo in Rapid City and Eastern Wood-Pewee in Custer State Park in the 2014 Report of the RBRC in the September 2015 issue of South Dakota Bird Notes; Swanson 2015). Don't forget to enjoy our photo gallery of rare birds.

Tools for Determining Need for Documentation

Species Review List     Check Early/Late Dates

Tools for Writing a Documentation

Rare Bird Records Committee

David Swanson, Chair Ricky Olson
Chris Anderson Jeffrey Palmer
Nancy Drilling Scott Stolz
Todd Jensen